The franchise industry is a dynamic and rewarding method of distributing unique services and products to the public. However, the franchise model is not without its share of risk, and legal disputes can and do occur. As a result, having the right advocates on your side is imperative to defending your rights, particularly when it comes to the resolution of business disputes involving your franchise.

At Kent Franchise Law Group, we are skilled in both franchise law and litigation, an area of practice that frequently presents distinct legal and business law challenges. We ensure that if litigation is required, you have the optimal team on your side to achieve the desired result. We are well-versed in individual state franchise dispute statutes and the many franchise agreement provisions that pre-determine within which state a claim can be litigated, how state franchise law applies, and the actual enforceability of the franchise agreement.

Whether a franchise dispute involves intellectual property, tort or contract law, our team remains focused on developing aggressive, yet practical, litigation strategies that conserve time and resources. While litigation is usually not the preferred solution to resolving a legal matter, it is sometimes a necessary tool to achieve the desired outcome.

Our experience includes the resolution of complex claims, both in and out of court, involving:

  • Franchise agreement disputes involving compliance with system standards
  • Territory disputes
  • Defaults and terminations of franchise agreements
  • Disclosure compliance
  • Breach of contract
  • Fraud, false reporting and other payment disputes
  • Trademark infringement and other IP disputes
  • Invalid or unapproved transfers and succession disputes
  • Good faith and fair dealing
  • Tortious interference
  • Employment disputes